Donald Ross Golf Course Reviews

2008 Forsyth Country Club

Forsyth Country Club is a 1920’s Donald Ross design that had seen numerous substantial changes over the years. The course had been partially rerouted to accommodate a very nice Clubhouse decades ago, numerous rebunkering programs took place...

 Forsyth Country Club Updated
Restoration of old golf courses is an art. The art is in recreating the original course well after the original Architect has left the scene. The replication of the original ground is assisted by the exploration of the original plans, field notes and other historical evidence.

 The Orchards Golf Club
The Orchards Golf Club remains iconic. It has had its ups and downs financially like all golf clubs. It had a banner year in 2004, when it hosted the US Womans’ Open. The USGA contributed greatly to the venue by installing modern drainage on the low parts of the course making the experience of playing even more enjoyable.

Teugega Country Club
The most often mispronounced golf course in the Donald Ross portfolio, is the Teugega Country Club. Pronounced TEE-OO-JA-GA, this magnificent little golf course exudes the truest nature of Ross design and one of the finest sets of greens that Mr. Ross ever built.

 In Search of Our Legacy - A Visit to Dornoch
In the very north of Scotland, only 8 degrees south of the Arctic Circle, is an ancient linksland, and on it a golf course that many of those who write and argue about such things claim it is the best golf course in all of the world...

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