A superb documentary about Donald Ross' golf course design work and life is now available.   You can read more details about the film and view movie trailers at the film's web site   www.donaldrossfilm.com  by clicking on the documentary title below :  

Produced by  Cob Carlson

The film web site provides background information about the film, as well as details and prices for ordering the film DVD.

A description quoted from the web site is :    " The film, “Donald Ross: Discovering the Legend,” is about a man who left Scotland for America without enough money to buy his second meal, but who became one of the most respected and best paid individuals in all of sports. It features not only the great Ross courses that have hosted major championships, such as Pinehurst #2, Interlachen, Inverness, and Salem, but also lesser-known gems that are revered by their members for their playability, challenge and charm. " 

Mr. Carlson has been a film editor/producer for twenty-four years and has worked on documentaries, major network television programs, feature films, music videos, commercials, and web videos. He is an Adjunct professor at Emerson College where he teaches Film and Video Editing.

Cob had this wonderful idea and the drive to document Ross' work.  He produced the film using his documentary and editing skills and those of an award winning team of Guy DeFeis and Taylor Hellhake to direct the photography and filming, as well as Tom Phillips to provide the music.

When not busy with work or family, Cob likes to win bets at a Ross hidden gem, George Wright Golf Course in the Hyde Park area of Boston.   He also teaches the art of basketball free throws and has coached the men's team at Davidson College in North Carolina to great improvements in foul shooting and some of the best free throw percentages in the country.

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